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Extremely Competitive Prices For Cell Phone Repair Tucson
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Cell Phone Repair

We proudly serve Tucson for all of its electronic repair needs!

Here's why Cellular+Repair can help you:

Address 7251 S Cardinal Ave STE 600 Tucson Arizona 85746.



We can repair all major brands of smart phones and tablets.

We all know iPhone screens crack easily, but if you're not an Apple fan, we can definitely still help you with screen repairs and diagnostics for any phone or tablet device.


We offer extremely competitive prices for cell phone screen repairs in Tucson.

Our prices are fair and competitive. We will fix your phone fast at an affordable price. Don't hesitate to call for a free estimate on any repairs.

Fast & Reliable Cell Phone Screen Repairs in Tucson, Arizona

So many of us have had that moment, when your phone drops...face down. You slowly turn it over to see if the screen cracked or not. Does this sound familiar?

If the answer is yes, than you have come to the right place. At Cellular+ Repair, we nurse cracked screens back to life and much more!

Whether your iPhone looks like its been through a battle, or your Samsung Galaxy refuses to turn on, or maybe your iPad mini has a broken "home" button, we have all that covered. And even better, we can probably come to your home, office or a coffee shop to meet you.

Our top priority is to get your phone fixed fast. Our world has gone mobile and we understand the importance of having your cell phone or tablet back up and running quickly!

Our Services

iPhone Screen Repair

The iPhone is notorious for its ability to shatter gloriously when dropped. Don't worry, you are not alone if you've dropped your iPhone and had the glass shatter. This is one of our biggest repair requests. We are pros at fixing iPhone screens and can have your iPhone looking as good as new in no time. We can fix all models including iPhone 4,4s, iPhone 5,5c,5s,SE iPhone 6,6s,6+,6s+ Iphone 7,7+.

iPad Screen Repair

Similarly, the iPad can also easily become cracked or have screen damage. Replacing the glass is usually a better (and cheaper) option than purchasing a new one. We can repair cracked iPad screens on all iPad models including iPad mini.

Cell Phone Screen Repair

Not an Apple fan? Not a problem. We can repair cracked screens for most all smart phones as well, including Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, LG, Windows, HTC, Motorola and many more.

Tablet Screen Repair

We can fix broken tablet screens as well. We can work on most tablet models including Samsung, Windows, LG, Kindle Fire and many more.

Water Damage

Drop your phone in the toilet? Spill a glass of water all over it? We can repair water damage as well. There are several strategies that we can offer to try first that could reverse the damage. And if those don't work, we are happy to look at the phone and see about repairs.


Looking to switch providers? Locked out or Lucked out? We can unlock all types of locks for you. Call us today to have your phone unlocked quickly.